luftwerk skywall

Video projection • Ice • Sound • Element • Private Event • Chicago • 2003         

     3 channel video projection of clouds mixing and merging from dawn till dusk, from slow to rapidly rolling skies, from  details to expansive skyscapes. A crescent shaped pond underneath the wall captures water from the melting ice. The droplets of water fall onto lily pads made of stainless steel. Each drop of water triggers a  sensor that is designed to amplify the droplet and manipulate it into various melodic tones.
     Clouds themselves are minute particles of water or ice suspended in the air. High elevation clouds are composed entirely of ice crystals and when these high ice clouds descend lower into the atmosphere the ice crystals melt and turn to rain.

producers • peter szollosi & bill bartolotta      engineering • daniel moorehouse / ty russell      sound design • todd carter     ice • nadeau's



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