Die Reisen sind Die Reisenden (The Travel is the Traveler) • Film Installation •Amsterdam • July 1998

When I am sitting at the window,
Through the panes, which the snow blurs,
I see the lovely images, hers, as
She passes ... passes ... passes by ...

    Die Reisen sind Die Reisenden is an allegory of a quote from Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. The traveler becomes the travel, the journey itself, the travel within. A house within a house with windows to look out and peer into a person's internal and external space. Kloveniersburgwal 109 is a house with a number, windows and doors, it's inhabitants are travelers within their paths. Through the streets and canals of Amsterdam their trips and journeys are filmed. The camera captures the reflection of a person's face in the window of a train, boat or street car.This reflective and reflecting portrait appears merging with the passing scenery outside of the journey. Each super-8 film montage is then projected onto the house windows. These images were visible from the street, offering some passers-by of Amsterdam a glimpse into an alternate form of travel, standing and watching.

That's not now passing ... not passing by ...



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