Projecting Modern                                                  
                                                    100 year celebration of the Robie House • Chicago • October 2010

Site-specific multi-channel video, light and audio installation

The Robie House
The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust

"Luftwerk makes sense of complicated architecture and gives it a new story, not just a fresh look, but a story acknowledging history and alluding to a new future where the architecture is full of life. That's what I love about their work - their ability to get inside the space - to present the underlying structure and turn it into something even greater."

Brian Reis - Director, Ellwood House Museum


Inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright’s vision of organic architecture we invite viewers into an experience that projects the "outside" in. Transforming interior walls into dynamic screens that reflect on features such as glass windows, the staircase, and the cantilevered roof - we illuminate iconic principles of modern architecture and their lasting relevance.

Brian Reis - Director of Archives and Collections & photographic documentaion of Projecting Modern
Heather Oswald - Visual Resources and Archives Manager


Partly funded by a grant from The Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies in the Fine Arts

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