Luminous Field
                                          interactive light and sound installation

Millennium Park, Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture, February 2012
Dorothy Coyle, Executive Director / Lauren Rosenberg, Programs Manager
Music originally composed by Owen Clayton Condon of Third Coast Percussion
Video mapping & programming by Liviu Pasare / Equipment & set-up by AV Chicago

sideshow / photos by critter, ken illio and peter tsai

Inspired and informed by Italian floor mosaics, the urban grid, pedestrian crosswalks and geometric tessellations.

"If anything could possibly top the interactive experience of Anish Kapoor’s monumental Cloud Gate sculpture in Millennium Park - then this could be it. This stunning site-specific video and sound installation brought more than 65,000 Chicagoans and out-of-town visitors to the Park over a ten day period in the middle of the winter. Luminous Field by Luftwerk became a viral sensation and photos of the beautiful lights and geometrical forms that enveloped ‘the Bean’ were seen throughout the world." - Dorothy Coyle, Executive Director - Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture

"Playground" projection field dimension 80' by 30' consisting of 384 tiles, underneath projection reflecting within the sculpture.

Luminous Field Videos - Andrew Roddewig, Clarion New Media and Casey Clark, City of Chicago TV

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Photo Essay for Chicago Stage Review by Venus Zarris
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Time-lapse video - Liviu Pasare / Peter Tsai

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