Wherever we go our shadow walks with us casting a silhouette of our physical body on adjacent surroundings. In daily passage, inner dialogue occupies our minds, becoming an invisible atmosphere. Shadows cast an external, intangible form that exists in connection with each person, ever present when there is light, yet unable to be grasped. Shadows and thoughts hover, both are solid yet porous, and solitary yet influenced by others and the external world, Doppelganger reverses human shadows, transforming them into light projected bodies and silhouettes of human thought in motion.
   The piece captures a series of pedestrian gestures, creating a collage of interweaving shades of light inspired by early stop-motion photography. Once the viewer steps into proximity of the installation, sensors trigger a fluid, cinematic encounter with Doppelganger. Human presence activates an ethereal bridge merging the viewer’s casted shadow with the projected light.



Dance of Forgotten Steps

Hedwig Dance Company
The Dance Center of Columbia College
Chicago • April 2010

Artistic Director Jan Bartoszek premieres Dance of Forgotten Steps, which delves into memory, identity and the influence on the living of those who have gone before, featuring a video installation by collaborator Petra Bachmaier of luftwerk, who transforms the stage into a vibrant illuminated realm. 25th year snniversary dance celebration.

Set Design - Barbara Cooper
Lighting Design - Margaret Nelson
Video Tech - Liviu Pasare



Digital Incarnate:
The Body, Identity and Interactive Media

Columbia College • Arcade Gallery • Chicago • 2010

Curatorial : Alycia Scott And Sara Slawnik

Liviu Pasare - Isadora Programming

Justin Witte - Exhibition Coordinator

Figures - Hedwig Dances

Curved screen • 2 channel video projection • motion sensor





Hyde Park Art Center • Chicago • 2006

Curatorial : Allison Peters - Director of Exhibitions

Chris Hammes - Tech/Video

80 ft digital window • 5 channel video projection

2 motion sensors





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