multimedia video & sound installation  •  june 2005   •  open-end chicago

luftwerk convergence

    The moment of meeting one's self.  Inside the self, next to the self, away from the self.  Coming and going, merging and moving. Each person chooses a place, a landscape, a street to walk, a location where one escapes, contemplates or finds simple pleasures. Four different people search these places in a solitary walk or action, blurring the point where one starts and where one ends, creating a path of self convergence.

     Exterior structure and interior space. 2-4 walls of poly fiber cording yarn create an interior and exterior sculpture, accessible and tactile. Projections of people in distinct environments each with ambient environmental sounds.  Video of people merging into themselves, walking away and walking towards.  

Double wall version of 'Convergence' was exhibited for an opening night gala of Art Chicago.
Single wall version exhibited as part of SMart New Media Festival, Grand Rapids MI, and a Livebox curated show for Around the Coyote.


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