‘adrift’ is a multi-media 3 channel video installation that shifts the boundary between space and time, an ebb and flow both forward and reverse. A ceiling projection screen captures images of feathers slowly ascending and disappearing into black, while at the same moment underneath lies a reflective black panel of plexiglas with a video projection of a night swimmer. The video image of the swimmer is one of slow moving fragments. The plexi reflects the images above creating a merged composition of swimming among feathers. An audio element of low pitched ambient underwater sounds accompany the visual aspect generating a space of manipulated time and direction.
   'adrift' is inspired by ‘Poem to the Night’ by Rainer Maria Rilke. The imagery employed is suggestive of opposing forces: forward motion in water and the ascension of the feathers versus the downward pull of gravity ; light and darkness. The balancing of such forces and elements creates a nexus of poetic metaphors. 'adrift' has been created as a site-specific video installation for the Chicago Cultural Center, Michigan Ave Galleries.

Curated by Lanny Silverman and Greg Lunceford
2007-2008 Chicago Cultural Center

swimmer - Johannah Silva


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